Saturday, February 9, 2008

11:53 AM: Wow, I Never Realized How Beautiful Westbrook Is

Besides taking an (unsuccessful) field trip to Westbrook's bowling alleys, the folks at The Maine Switch also hopped on Metro's #4 bus (that would be the Westbrook bus for all you sophisticates) and wrote a minute-by-minute account of their adventure that can be read here.

I used to ride the No. 4 quite a bit when I worked in Portland and still ride it occasionally when I venture into the Big City. I think Avery Yale Kamila does a decent job setting the scene and capturing the various pros/cons of riding the bus. I particularly enjoyed her 12:09p entry: "We're now somewhere called Westbrook Gardens. We may as well be in a foreign country."

- John C.L. Morgan

P.S. Attention, Westbrook foodies: Add Kamila's rave (if brief) review of Burrito! to the list of reviews compiled by your modest correspondent here and here.

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