Saturday, February 16, 2008

Reflections on Two-Hundred Posts

I've been maintaining this blog since January 1 and I've already reached the 200 post milestone. Wow, I thought I had a life, but now I'm not so sure. Anyway, I thought I'd take this opportunity to let you, my dear readers, know the immediate and intermediate future of this here blog.

So far I've mostly been performing what The New Republic's Jonathan Chait referred to as swamp-ass journalism. In other words, I've devoted most of my time to sitting on my arse and serving as a portal for all things virtually Westbrook. Sure, I've ventured into the city and its environs enough to dislodge the occasional wedgie (I'm still working with the swampy derriere metaphor, by the way), but by and large I've simply caroused the Internet and tried to corral the bits of interesting info about Westbrook and Maine that I can find. I will still do that. However, I will also spend more time exploring the real Westbrook, the Westbrook that can be touched, tasted, seen, and smelled (that's not such a bad thing anymore). Therefore, here is the new and improved schedule for the Westbrook Diarist:

Mondays: Better Know a Mayor (a weekly peek into Westbrook's mayors, past and present)

Tuesdays: On Location (a first-person narrative of a place or event in Maine, mostly in the Greater Westbrook area)

Wednesdays: Quote, Unquote/Did You Know? (every other week, either an interesting quote involving Maine or an interesting fact about Maine)

Thursdays: Just Do It (a chance for me to tell other people what to do on a weekly basis)

Fridays: Song of the Week (my pick of a song by a Maine band or musician)

Saturdays: Play and Rewind (reviews of old and new movies every other Saturday)

Sundays: Sunday Letter (a first-person narrative about Westbrook religious life, every
other Sunday)

I will also be starting a regular post about sports (high school, college, professional, etc.), but the name of those posts has yet to be determined. And I will continue posting the Westbrook Almanac daily, as well as The Augustan--a round-up of news related to state politics--Monday through Friday.

If anyone is interested in writing about anything related to Westbrook or Maine, I am more than willing to share this chunk of digital real estate. Just e-mail your submission(s) to And don't hesitate to e-mail me questions or comments about the site at that address, too.

As for the monthly on-line magazine that'll eventually occupy, I'm still working on it and plan an inaugural issue in June 2008. Anyone interested in helping with that may also email me for more details.

Thank you for reading this blog and have a good night. Oh, and please be sure to tell your loved ones, friends, and/or enemies about this site and all its greatness.

- John C.L. Morgan

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