Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Augustan: Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Insurance and Financial Services Committee voted 8-5 to recommend the approval of Governor Baldacci's nominee for superintendent of insurance.

Wednesday's Legislative session and public hearings have been canceled.

New Brunswick premier addressed the Maine Legislature and announced new initiatives for the partnership between New Brunswick and Maine.

Governor Baldacci rejected a Department of Education proposal to cut $36.8 million of state aid to schools from next year's budget.

State Senate approved LD 1932, a law that would amend the state's school consolidation law.

PPH: Department of Correction's proposal to close the Long Creek Youth Development Center is "not just a bad idea, it's a horrendously bad idea."

Ruth Taylor: Maine must not cut back on social services.

Providers of substance abuse treat recommended an increase of a state tax on alcoholic beverages by ten cents a drink to fund their programs and other state programs.

Governor Baldacci and New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham spoke to members of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce and argued for cooperation to improve trade, energy production, transportation, tourism, and the economies of each region.

Maine Office of Tourism held the annual Governor's Conference on Tourism and announced plans to reduce the number of print advertisements it runs and to increase ad presence on the Internet.

Dog breeders criticized LDs 2010 and 2171, two laws that would place additional requirements on dog breeders and attempt to prevent puppy mills.

Appropriations Committee debated whether $5 million should be diverted from state reserves to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

BDN: LD 2044, a bill that would prohibit hospitals from billing patients or their insurance providers for treatment of preventable errors, is part of a national trend and is worth exploring

SJ: The Legislture should find a way to fund the proposed state park along the Androscoggin River.

Groups representing general contractors opposed a bill requiring licensing for contractors.

KJ: Hasty passage of additional $5 million to LIHEAP was unwise.

Dr. Peter Wilk: Maine must act to curtail global warming.

George Smith: Who will win the battle between Maine's pessimists and its optimists?

- John C.L. Morgan

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