Friday, February 29, 2008

The Augustan: Friday, February 29, 2008

Natural Resources Committee heard testimony regarding LD 2210 and LD 2048, two bills that would make regulations of chemicals more stringent.

State subsidies for non-profit agencies working to combat domestic violence could be on the chopping block to help balance the budget.

Members of the Transportation Committee may expand LD 209, a bill that would require proof of residency in Maine to acquire a driver's license, to include proof that the applicant is in the country legally.

Maine Supreme Judicial Court upheld the state's legal right to seize abused dogs and cat.

Maine Public Utililites Commission warn Mainers about telemarketers taking advantage of Verizon-FairPoint deal by sneakily convincing Mainers to switch their long-distance carriers.

Education and Cultural Affairs Committee held a public hearing for LD 1977, a bill that would develop a mandatory statewide autism screening program for all children ages 18 months to 3 years.

BDN: LD 2179, a bill that would require a uniform standard for energy-efficient construction of homes and businesses, is a reasonable step for the state to take.

Matthew Dunlap: Legislature should pass LD 209, a bill that would require proof of Maine residency for an applicant to secure a driver's license, but federal regulations will make it more difficult to require proof an applicant is in the country legally.

LD 2179, a bill that would require residential and commercial buildings be built to higher energy efficiency standards; LD 2207, a bill that would ban incandescent light bulbs by 2010; and LD 2126, a bill that would cap carbon dioxide emissions of new energy plants in Maine, all received public hearings before the Business, Research, and Economic Development Committee and the Natural Resources Committee. (Sorry about the butchered grammar on this one. Hopefully, you get the point.)

SJ: Regulatory changes, tax holidays, and tax decreases may be counterintuitive, but maybe they're what's needed to stimulate the Maine economy and help balance the budget.

- John C.L. Morgan

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