Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Augustan: Thursday, February 28, 2008

Secretary of State okays petition signatures for Oxford County casino, so Legislature must pass the law as is or schedule a statewide referendum for November 4, 2008.

PPH: Governor Baldacci should veto any legislative action intended to weaken the school consolidation law.

Senators Phil Bartlett (D-Cumberland) and Karl Turner (R-Cumberland): LD 2179 is the most important energy-efficiency bill this session, because it would require a uniform standard for energy-efficient construction of homes and businesses.

Maine House of Representatives is set to begin debating LD 1932, a bill that would allow school districts to retain control of their local schools.

Washington County sherriff rescinded his order to his department not to cooperate with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency (MDEA), because of inappropriate behavior by an MDEA agent.

Representative Troy Jackson (D-Allagash) defended LD 2034, a bill that would prohibit minors from purchasing energy drinks.

BDN: Maine Children Alliance's report provides good information to consider while debating possible cuts to government programs.

Democrats and Republicans want to look for more spending cuts to balance budget, but some Democrats said they will consider tax increases if necessary.

KJ: Don't sacrifice long-term goals to fix budget gap.

Michael R. Deschaine: Guaranteed issue and community rating healthcare regulations are slowly killing the individual insurance market in Maine.

Kay Rand: Term limits prevent legislators from acquiring policy expertise.

Maine will not tax rebate checks intended to stimulate the economy.

State officials: MDEA agent's actions were not criminal.

SJ: Maine Department of Environmental Protection performed a public service with its report on the health effects of compact fluorescent light bulbs.

- John C.L. Morgan

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