Monday, February 11, 2008

I Heard White Wine Goes Great with Crow

Some Internet hack wrote last month that nobody would care about the Maine Democratic caucuses, not even Mainers themselves. Well, a record forty-five thousand Mainers later, and I guess I deserve to gorge a platter of crow.

I stand by my criticisms of the caucus system, however. Yesterday's turnout of 430 at the Westbrook caucus was remarkable, but it still meant only 9% of registered Democrats actually participated in the selection of that party's presidential nominee. Sure, it's not as disheartening as the Westbrook Republicans' 2% rate of participation earlier this month, but it's a very low rate of participation nonetheless. Especially for a contest that generated as much excitement and anticipation as this year's duel between Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama. That a nine-percent turnout is considered outstanding and praiseworthy is itself an indictment of the caucus system.

However, to wrap up my exclusive coverage of the Westbrook Democratic and Republican presidential caucuses on a more cheerful note, I refer you to the following links:

Westbrook Republican caucus: here, here, and here.

Westbrook Democratic caucus: here, here, and here.

- John C.L. Morgan

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