Monday, March 31, 2008

Questionnaire Results, Part One

A couple months ago, I strongly urged you to fill out the City of Westbrook's Recreation, Parks and Open Spaces Questionnaire. Well, here are the results of the first part of the questionnaire which focuses on the "preferences regarding recreation and parks."

How important is it to have a park within walking distance of where you live?
55% Very important
16% Somewhat important
15% Not important
7% Somewhat not important
7% Not important at all

Can you walk to a park from where you live?
73% Yes
27% No

How satisfied are you with the City's current parks and facilities you use for organized sports/activities (e.g., swimming, baseball, soccer, playgrounds)?
44% Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
28% Somewhat satisfied
14% Very dissatisfied
9% Somewhat dissatisfied
5% Very satisfied

How satisfied are you with the City's current parks and facilities you use for passive recreation (e.g., walking, picknicking, etc.)?
36% Somewhat satisfied
34% Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
15% Very dissatisfied
9% Very satisfied
6% Somewhat dissatisfied

What do you appreciate about the current parks?
23% Ease of access to parks
22% Setting
14% Facilities (playground, ball fields, ice rink, skate park, picnic areas, etc.)
11% Safety
10% Connectivity to other parks or neighborhoods
7% Size (large)
5% Flexibility for multiple groups or uses to be accomodated at the same time
4% Size (small)
4% Other

What types of additional parks and facilities do you feel should be considered in the future?
16% Active recreation parks (mountain biking, x-country skiing, ice skating)
16% Bathroom facilities
15% Small neighborhood parks and playgrounds
14% Community gardening
10% Other facilities not listed
9% Programmable spaces (i.e., group gatherings, dog parks, concerts)
8% Picnic areas or shelters
7% In conjunction with other facilities (e.g., schools)
5% Additional large multi-purpose ball fields

- John C.L. Morgan

Hat tip: Deborah Rumery of Stroudwater Street.

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