Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Sportswriter: New England Revolution

The New England Revolution opened its season last night with a win over the Houston Dynamo, 3-0. Unfortunately, you probably have no idea who these teams are, or what sport I'm actually writing about.

That's because despite all the talk of New England suddenly becoming a title-rich region, most people remain ignorant to the accomplishments of one of its most successful franchises.

Sure, most everyone knows the New England Patriots have played in four of the last seven Super Bowls (winning three), the Boston Red Sox have won two of the last four World Series, and the once-dormant Boston Celtics now possess the best record in the NBA. But did you know the Revolution, a team in Major League Soccer (MLS), have played in every Eastern Conference Final since 2002 (an accomplishment akin to the Red Sox playing for every American League pennant in that span)? Or that they've played in every MLS Cup since 2005? Probably not.

So next time someone reads the laundry list of New England pro teams' accomplishments in the 21st century, be sure to remind them of the New England Revolution's sparkling success.

Just leave out the part about them being the Buffalo Bills of the MLS. No one likes a very successful loser.

- John C.L. Morgan

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