Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cramer Throws His Hat in the Ring

Lyle Cramer, a former Westbrook City Councilor and Cumberland County Commissioner, will be running to fill the vacancy on the City Council caused by Ed Symbol's resignation from the Council this week.

Cramer, a Republican who was most recently defeated in a 2006 race for the Maine House of Representatives, says he thinks it is an "interesting and fruitful" time to rejoin the City Council. His two priorities if appointed to the City Council would be the Stroudwater Place development on Stroudwater Street and the Council's upcoming work on the city's budget. Of the former, Cramer says "it has huge potential for Westbrook in a positive way," but that certain parameters--an ample amount of handsome landscaping and shade trees, a maximization of tax benefit, and possibly a first priority given to Westbrook residents for job openings--should be considered before the Council approves the proposal. And with respect to the budget, Cramer said taxes should be milked for their greatest benefit.

According to Martha Day, the chairwoman of the Westbrook Republican City Committee (WRCC), Cramer is the only registered Republican from Ward 3 to express interest in the City Council vacancy, but that a replacement for Ed Symbol won't be voted on until the WRCC meets on April 6. Therefore, any Republican in Ward 3 has until that meeting to challenge Cramer for the vacant seat. Then, the Westbrook Republican's nominee will have to be approved by the members of the City Council.

- John C.L. Morgan

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