Monday, October 12, 2009

While I Was Away...

Partly as an excuse to give the American Journal's new and improved Web site a test run, but mostly to catch myself up on all the news that I might've ignored over the last 3 1/2 months, here's a quick rundown of things that happened in the Paper City since late June:

Percent for Art committee chose four finalists to compete for the opportunity to create artwork for the new middle school. (October 9)

Westbrook native was named one of America's hottest bachelors, according to Cosmopolitan magazine. (October 7)

Middle school and high school test results remained below state standards in some categories. (October 7)

Opponents and proponents of Pike Industries' expansion plans released conflicting studies about the tax impacts of rezoning the land near the Five Star Industrial Park. (October 1)

Some local businesses indicated the local economy might be improving. (October 1)

Westbrook High School informed the Southern Maine Activities Association (SMAA) about the school's plans to move to Class B in some athletics. (September 24)

City Councilor Lyle Cramer (R-Ward 3) discovered he's disqualified from running for re-election due to the fact that he actually lives in Ward 4. (September 18)

Maine Department of Transportation told the city to expect construction on William Clarke Drive to begin in spring 2010. (September 17)

The investigation into two firefighters' claims of sexual harassment continues. (September 17)

City Council altered its statute about where registered sex offenders can live and work in order to be consistent with state law. (September 16)

Races for the 2010 elections became clearer following the Democratic and Republic caucuses. (September 10)

Wescott Junior High School's Davan Pool will need major repairs done to it within the next year. (September 10)

Students attended the final first day of school at Wescott Junior High School. (September 3)

School committee approved funds for developing a strategic plan for the school district (August 27).

Westbrook Housing reflected on its 40-year history. (August 21)

Animal Refuge League offered no-fee adoptions for cats older than one year. (August 6)

City Council approved Mill Side Tavern's liquor license after a delay. (August 6)

Westbrook Police Department used federal funding to hire two new officers. (August 6)

City rededicated Rudy Vallee Square. (July 23)

Former superintendent of schools was hired by the state as a part-time facilities and school construction consultant. (July 16)

Westbrook schools provided free lunches to kids throughout the summer. (July 16)

Westbrook woman was indicted for adoption scam. (July 16)

New superintendent of schools came out against school closures. (July 16)

County judge awarded a former altar boy at St. Hyacinth's Church a multi-million dollar settlement for sexual abuse the man suffered. (July 16)

Westbrook Housing announced plans for affordable condos and art galleries on Main Street. (July 9)

State agency ruled Sappi must install a fish passage at the Cumberland Mills Dam. (July 2)

City Council authorized funds devoted to sexual harassment prevention training for members of the fire department. (July 2)

City Council upheld its decision to require newly built homes to be equiped with sprinklers. (July 2)

A new coffee shop opened in the space vacated by Freaky Bean. (June 25)

I've probably missed a few stories, but I'm sure I'll catch up soon enough.

- John C.L. Morgan

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