Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Election '09: Another Look at Ward 4

To view the electoral boundaries, registered voter breakdown, and the historical election results for the Ward 4 City Council seat, click here.

- John C.L. Morgan


James Tranchemontagne said...

Join me again!!!!! This Saturday at the small Park on Brown St, for a rally 10am to 11am!

Together we can put a small business owner on city council.

Bring a Farmer Market & Maine Craft Market to Riverbank park attracting 1000's of consumers to Westbrook.

Put the City's Checkbook on line

And to make sure the revitalization of Westbrook is on both side of the river through smart development.

We have to unite Ward 4. The Street scape will put over 400 car a day into your neighborhood. It's the new "Urban Renewal"! I'm against it, Dottie for it.

Please join me in the process to put small business owner on the city council. Vote James Tranchemontagne on Nov 3rd.
Come to our rally This Saturday Oct 31, 10am

Via la frenchtown!

Anonymous said...

where is the small park on Brown St.? I can't seem to place it!

James Tranchemontagne said...

It is right pass the railroad bridge if heading towards Sappi on the right.

Hope to see you there.