Monday, October 26, 2009

On the Second Maine

TIME magazine recently profiled the Second Maine Militia, of which the novelist Carolyn Chute and her husband is heavily involved:

The purpose of the annual meeting, the same as
it has been since the militia started in 1995, was to bring together the
politics of left and right over speeches, food, live music, and, of course,
live ammo. The attendees were a wildly diverse group: young activists
and anarchists in black, old beat-up Maine woodsman with beards to their bellies,
retired white-haired college professors, Second Amendment zealots,
conservatives, libertarians, Marxists. But they all shared the belief that the
U.S. government has lost its moral authority, that both political parties had
"degenerated," as one attendee put it, "into whores for wealth and arbiters of
- John C.L. Morgan

(Update: The Portland Phoenix's Rick Wormwood also wrote about the Second Maine Militia's annual meeting.)

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