Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Favorite Posts of 2008: June

Here are my favorite posts from June 2008, in chronological order:
  1. "On Location: Presumpscot River" A morning of eating at Guidi's and fishing on the Presumpscot.
  2. "Quote, Unquote: E.B. White" The ever-quotable E.B. White on television.
  3. "Yeah, We Have the Largest Shagbark Hickory (Sort Of)" Westbrook's real claim to fame.
  4. "On Location: Westbrook's Northside Italians" The things I do for my dear readers.
  5. "Better Know a Rep: Bruce Chuluda" Find out why BruChu tries to avoid looking at himself.
  6. "Paper City Public Art: Gerald C. Fluett Portrait" A review of Thomas Nadeau's portrait of Gerald C. Fluett.
  7. "Party Like It's 1980" Five ideas to improve Westbrook Together Days (WTD), with help from the inaugural WTD in 1980.
  8. "On Location: Westbrook Historical Society" How the Westbrook Historical Society keeps us from becoming a city of madmen (and women).
  9. "Start Snitching" I maintain the belief that the WPD's "Be a Snitch Memo" is the single-greatest piece of literature I've ever had wedged between my doors.
  10. "Overheard" Read what happens when an English teacher and a businessman discuss Robert Frost.
  11. "The Sportswriter: Draft Grades" Why grading professional drafts only minutes after they've transpired is one of the stupidest trends in journalism.
  12. "Not Your Father's Mill Side Tavern" Fresh Strawberry Daiquiris + Mill Side Tavern = Head Scratching.

- John C.L. Morgan

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