Monday, December 8, 2008

Bartlett Supports Direct Election of State Attorney General

According to a Sun Journal op-ed penned by State Rep. Mike Carey (D-Lewiston), State Senate Majority Leader Phil "Jug Ears" Bartlett (D-Cumberland County) is on board with the former's plans to introduce a bill this legislative session that would allow Maine voters to directly elect the state's Attorney General.

According to Rep. Carey, Maine is the only state in the country that elects its top law enforcement official using a joint convention of the State House and Senate. But, in a statement of mathematics that leaves me scratching my head (evidently Maine constitutes the de facto 51st state), Carey claims "[f]orty-three states select attorneys general by popular election, six allow their governor to appoint the AG and, in Tennessee, the state Supreme Court chooses its attorney general."

Anyway, Sen. Bartlett is one of Westbrook's two state senators.

- John C.L. Morgan

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