Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Avery Yale Kamila on Bistro 21's efforts to become more environmentally-friendly:
After mastering the ancient art of composting, the restaurant moved on to
recycling. The team revamped the trash area in the kitchen, allowing the
waitstaff to sort out recyclable glass, cardboard, paper and metal. “We’ve gone
from two 30-gallon trash bags a day to one13-gallon trash bag a day,” Cindy
[Dalphanso] says.

Dalphanso, a co-owner of the County Road restaurant, presented at a workshop on practical steps toward sustainability at this month's ecomaine's Green Symposium.

- John C.L. Morgan

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This is very exciting! I can't wait for the City of Westbrook to enforce requirements (well, they do have to come up with them first, of course, sadly!) to force composting (it saves money! our tax money, and boy I am paying lots of it!) and encourage individual's responsibility for trash disposal (like trash bags). I mean, of course you have seen piles and mountains in some cases of trash on the streets. Most of it is either recyclable, or compostable. People, wake up!!!