Monday, December 1, 2008

Lonely Hearts Club

The Phoenix's Brian Duff on Thanksgiving's Bakery and Eatery, the restaurant that rescues the lonely from their post-turkey day blues:

There are the moments when the solitary life is unbearable, but Thanksgiving is
not one of them. No matter how distant you have grown from family or friends,
you find a home to arrive at with a dish in hand. And hanging around the messy
kitchen and overcrowded dinner table surrounded by familiar and pleasant aromas
is so nice that you briefly but earnestly believe that you will spend more time
with people. You won't. And it is the days after Thanksgiving, once you have
finished off the meager Tupperware of leftovers you were sent home with, that
really hurt. Your fridge looks the same. You will not smell or taste such
companionship for another year. Unless you go to Thanksgiving's in Westbrook
-- a family-run restaurant that offers a turkey-centric menu year round.

- John C.L. Morgan

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