Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On Location: Siam Square

Buildings, like one-dimensional actors, are vulnerable to typecasting.

Take 1 Cumberland Street as an example. Before it replaced the charred Thai takeout trailer on 468 Main Street and became Kobe's Place, the last thing it was ever expected to house was a Thai restaurant. Since then, however, the former convenience store has undergone two more ownership changes (Saeng Thai House and Siam Square), yet it remains a building that matches the physique, manner, and personality (all symptoms of typecasting) of a Thai restuarant.

Unlike a boring actor who plays the same type of role again and again, though, the static recycling of 1 Cumberland is not unfortunate. It represents one of the first expansions of the international palette of Westbrook. And Siam Square--which I think is one of the most underrated eating establishments in the city--continues the legacy of rich Thai food, but has improved it with better customer service than Saeng Thai House (after a couple unbearable sit-down experiences, Saeng Thai became an exclusively take-out spot for my wife and me).

Anyway, I heartily recommend the Pad Thai, even if I always anticipate a slight giggle whenever I obey my Yankee taste buds by ordering it with zero stars.

- John C.L. Morgan


Anonymous said...

As a Westbrook native who has moved away, I thoroughly enjoy your posts which keep me up to date on all things Westbrook. For many years this property was a convenience store named Fruitland, and there was an apartment on the second floor. I think it burned down some time in the eighties, and was reconstructed as a one-story convenience store named George's.

Anonymous said...
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Maine Ale said...

Oh you gotta try the 5 star Pad Thai at Siam Sq.

It's the best in Maine!

I agree the service at this establishment is top-notch.

Thanks for reminding me to revisit...I drive past it twice a day yet I never remember to go there. I guess I needed some prompting.

Westbrook Diarist said...

Disclosure: The comment I deleted was a repeat of the first comment posted. No original content was removed.


Lisa said...

In my opinion, Siam Square has the best thai food in at least the greater portland area (maybe the state, I just haven't tried many places outside of Portland)