Monday, July 14, 2008


The PPH's new Westbrook correspondent, Tom Bell, wrote an above-the-fold story this morning about the latest development in the Pike v. Idexx saga.

Besides containing PR fightin' words (Pike's regional manager's take on Idexx's complaints: "Essentially, you got a new guy on the block that wants to throw their weight around."), the piece hints at an upcoming "citywide political battle" that'll inevitably drag the City's solons into the mix, even after they resisted the initial tug in March.

Between this issue and the potentially controversial Stroudwater Place, does Hannafid house enough popcorn for the inevitable Room 114 dramatics?

- John C.L. Morgan

(Disclosure: My wife is employed by Idexx)


William3 said...

I think you are correct. Unless the Planning Board disapproves the proposal, the City Council is going to have to settle this.

Anonymous said...

Right, the City Council, next you will want the Mayor to get involved as well. This will not end well on either side, and no one wants to be blamed for this mess.