Thursday, July 31, 2008

American Journal One-Liners

Sappi is in a competitive market for engineering interns.

Westbrook High School graduate (Class of 1942) talks about his new mystery novel.

Committee of the Whole voted 4-2 to (Cramer, Foley, Joyce, and Rielly supported; Gattine and O'Hara opposed) to refer the issue of donating a lot of land to the Westbrook-Gorham Rotary Club to the City Council.

Westbrook-based opponents of a scrap metal yard in Portland still have time to influence project.

Two taxi drivers are dueling for approval to start a taxi business in Westbrook.

New owner attempts to re-open Skybox Bar and Grill.

Planning Board approved Stroudwater Place's request to amend Westbrook's Comprehensive Plan, 6-1 (Blake, Daniel, Emery, Fleming, Isherwood, Herrick, and Reidman supported; Wrobel opposed).

- John C.L. Morgan

(Editor's Note: I mistakenly identified Planning Board member Dennis Isherwood as a 'yes' vote. In fact, Isherwood did not attend the meeting, and an approving vote was issued by board alternate Scott Herrick. I regret the error.)

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