Friday, July 18, 2008

It's our Whiteness, Stupid

Countering the usual annual uptick in the number of vehicles traversing the Maine Turnpike during the summer, traffic on the pike is down 1.27% this year, including a 4% drop in June.

Now, the rational reasons for the decrease are said to be a softening economy and high gas prices. To which I say, Blah! The smaller pool of visitors definitely has to do with the fact that people are turned off by our state's whiteness (and eight-foot pythons in washing machines).

I mean, a state's racial make-up should obviously be on the top of everyone's (especially those who, ahem, "resist racism") list when considering their next vacation spot.

- John C.L. Morgan


PresterJohn said...

"I mean, a state's racial make-up should obviously be on the top of anyone's list when considering the next vacation spot." ....jclm

Wicked good whack of the Maine pc crowd?

Macon D said...

This seems like a very white perspective. The blog you linked to is written by, and largely read by (from what I can tell) non-white people. Believe it or not, for a lot of non-white people, getting away from largely white settings for awhile can be a relief, and settings that are almost completely white can seem kinda homogeneous and boring culturally. Being in places that are 99% (or whatever) white can also be unpleasant in ways not all that different from the negative feelings that white folks get from being in 99% non-white settings.

Anonymous said...

a typical white person