Thursday, July 3, 2008

In 'Da Hood

The Westbrook Police Department papered Westbrook homes with their "Be a Snitch" communique last Wednesday, but the Portland Press Herald finally decided it was news fit for print a week later (to be fair, the PPH has been a bit busy handing out pink slips and fighting off a hacker).

Anyway, considering Westbrook's finest targeted only Brackett Street, Brown Street, Westbrook Gardens, and my beloved Rochester Street, please forgive me if I begin writing like a tough guy.

Even if I do live in a condo townhouse.

- John C.L. Morgan


Anonymous said...

I hope the police are not "red lining" certain streets. There is a lot of subsidized housing on those streets, and I would be angry if the police were picking on disadvantaged people. I am glad that they are trying to crack down on drugs, but Deer Hill, Saco st, Declaration Dr all have been busted too, and those are allegedly "higher end" areas of the city. Next they will be requiring lie detector tests if you lose you prescription, oh, wait, um, never mind.

Anonymous said...

don't forget seavey