Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two Cheers for the French Press Eatery's Donuts

Appetite Portland discovered the French Press Eatery's donuts:
Biting into the donuts caused an intense “fresh from the fryer” reaction in
me--a slight film instantly coated my tongue as the jolt of sugar and fat hit my
blood stream. After eating only a third of each, I was ready to explode
(okay--confession—-I eventually nibbled my way through most of the Bacon-Maple).
Topped with real bacon crisps and a dense maple glaze, the mixture of sweet and
savory was right down my alley.
Edible Obsessions echoed that sentiment, only with higher praise:
Words cannot describe how f'ing good these are. The base of the doughnuts are
dense, without being heavy and the outsides are crunchy, yet not greasy. To say
that these are the perfect doughnut would not be an exaggeration. Then add on
the toppings and you are well into the realm of pure gluttony.00
- John C.L. Morgan

h/t: The always reliable Portland Food Map

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