Thursday, January 14, 2010

French Press Receives Mostly Favorable Review

Hey, Westbrook. Listen up: What's the matter with
you? We stopped by the (relatively) new French Press Eatery early one weekday
morning, and except the guy who was on his way out the door with a takeout bag,
there were no other customers there. If this place were in the Old Port, there
would be a long line of folks grabbing an 8 a.m. coffee, a breakfast sandwich
or one of the downright decadent home-made donuts.
- John C.L. Morgan

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Anonymous said...

After 2 separate trips to French Press with my wife only to find the doors locked, and no operating hours posted, we've kind of given up.

A discussion with a neighbor indicates her similar experience and one visit where they were open but "out of donuts(?)"

It's feeling rather like a half-hearted experiment by the F&T guys at this point.

B. Morgan said...

That same thing has happened to me the few times that I have stopped by ( mostly on the weekends ) I was dissapointed to see Freaky Bean leave but happy to see another coffee shop / bakery back in there so quickly. Does anyone know the hours? I am all about supporting local esp Westbrook businesses!

skybox212 said...

I have been to the French Press four times. Perhaps I have been hypnotized by many great experiences James T. and his staff have given us over the last year or so. The place looks great, price is right and the food as always is always real tasty! THE GIP, GOUZIE, THE CALIFORNIA sandwiches are so big they should have their own zip code! I was in Monday and the place was packed. Be aware of the undertaking and sacrifice all small business owners go through to fill up vacant down town space, create jobs and add to the tax base. I apologize that you traveled all the way down town and you did not get any donuts! For fun you should try: Business Plan, Financing, accountants, Incorporating, lawyers, Tax ID #, inspection, Workers comp, Phone, internet service, Lawyers, Grand opening, Payroll, Bills, The lawyer again and there might be a day off in there. Well,it is tough to be a small business owner no doubt! Don't give up too early they were just out of donuts and you might have a real life challenge ahead.
keeping it in perspective,


James Tranchemontagne said...

To answer some question we took some time off between new years to re-assess the menu, build a new wall and deal with the fact we have open a new restaurant, did 17 private functions through our catering company and ran the Frog and Turtle in December alone.

We have not posted hours yet because we have played with different hours to see what benefits our customer base the most.

We are closed on Sundays and our new hours will be 8 to 4pm serving food till 3pm.

Has for any anonymous person, who calls it a "half-hearted experiment" trust me it isn't. We go slow, learn the market and build around guests feed back. We just dropped $70,000 not to be half-hearted but for it to be right for us and to keep Westbrook downtown growing.

With respect,

The Tranchemontagne Brothers

Liz Stamey said...

Keep up the excellent work, T. Brothers! I just had my third lunch at the French Press today, and it was, as usual, wonderful. Only problem is, I'm so full after the lunch that there's no room for donuts! One day soon I'll wise up and just eat the donuts first.

It was great to see the place so crowded, too ... I am happy to wait in line.

See you again soon!

J. Grant said...

I have never had anything but a great experience at the French Press. Sun streaming through the windows mixed with the smell of bacon and donuts. It's a wonder anyone ever leaves at all.

James and his brother Andre have never done anything halfway in their lives. They have both been working non-stop, day and night since this place opened and will continue to do so until they feel they have it just right.

Anonymous said...

no food again on Saturday...ran out

skybox212 said...

Who are you, Perry Mason?

Westbrook Diarist said...

A post was deleted because it was an anonymous personal attack. The original poster is welcome to post again, provided s/he posts his/her name.


My Mayberry said...

Yikes!! I was the originator of the original anonymous post to this thread a few weeks ago and both surprised and disappointed to trace today's anonymous post ruling back to this post.

No problem....I'll step up and take ownership for my initial comments. I was honestly not trying to belittle the process involved in starting up a restaurant.

Regardless of the goods or services that one provides to the public, clearly posted operating hours on the door (something that has since been addressed) simply helps in reaching new customers.

The subsequent anonymous posts were not mine, but I sincerely regret if my initial post set the tone which in turn fueled the subsequent mean-spirited dialog which ensued.

Sorry John for putting you in the unfortunate position of mediating the responses from your readers.

Westbrook Diarist said...

My Mayberry,

I appreciate your consideration, and please don't think your post about your experience as a customer played a factor in my decision to disallow anonymous posters.

I've been leaning toward preventing anonymous posts for some time, and yesterday's inflammatory personal attack on a Westbrook resident by an anonymous poster was just the latest example of some people using this site as a forum for character assassination.