Thursday, January 14, 2010

Westbrook Man Overdoses After Rehab Facility Abruptly Shuts Down

Toronto Star:

As the Star reported Wednesday, the Clear
Haven Centre, a residential addiction treatment facility in the Laurentian
Mountains, informed clients at 8:30 a.m. last Thursday that it was closing. Less
than 90 minutes later, they were on the bus to the airport in Montreal, some
with no money or plans to get home.

Elijah Peabbles, 26, a heroin addict, relapsed the
day after he returned home to Maine and overdosed, his family said. He is now
brain dead and on life support. Doctors are waiting to turn off the respirator.
"It will happen whenever my mom says, 'I've had enough time with him,'" Elijah's
brother, Preston, said Wednesday.
- John C.L. Morgan

(Update: The Montreal Gazette has an article about Peabbles's death.)


VP said...

~ Hidden ~

~ We were never allowed to know you,
But please know that we really did care;
~ You were in our hearts, in our thoughts,
Even though the situation was unfair;

~ You were swept away as a young child,
Tucked away, to never be found;
~ Lost and alone as a little boy,
Left to wonder why half your family was not around;

~ Things could have turned out so differently,
If you were only allowed to be a part of our lives,
~ To share the joy throughout all of your years,
And not just the pain before your demise.

V.P. 2010

Anonymous said...

-This is a great way to help his family by writing a check to Elijah Peabbles Benefit Fund - TD Bank - 756 Roosevelt Trail - Windham Me - 04062 - Account # 2426048581 - this will help his family tremendously-Any little bit helps ALOT!!