Monday, February 1, 2010

Has Biddeford's Mayor Killed Casella's Plans for Westbrook?

Maine Biz:
She [Biddeford mayor Joanne Twomey] was also opposed to Casella seeking federal
grants to pay for the new $15 million trash processing facility the company is
proposing in Westbrook. While Casella officials said the project can move
forward without Biddeford's backing, other members of the task force said
Twomey's decision could stall the project indefinitely. "I don't see this having
a prayer of going anywhere without the full support of Biddeford's mayor," Peter
Morelli, economic development director for Saco, told the paper.
- John C.L. Morgan

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Funny, there appears to be a missing post, even though it still appears in my Google Reader, about your research in the Casella's deal with Biddeford. While the post may have been removed for its controversy, I find it right on the money. Plus, it was an excellent piece of writing in general.

Westbrook Diarist said...


I think you're referring to a rough draft of a post I wrote soon after reading the original story on this issue. I wanted to learn more about the issue before posting it, but I mistakenly sheduled its post date as this weekend.

I'll probably re-post a variation of those thoughts in the future, but I haven't gotten enough information about the story to know how accurate my initial thoughts were.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, John, I read that post also last weekend and thought it offered a great analysis of the issues.