Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kesich Column Evidently Hits a Nerve in Paper City

PPH columnist Gregory Kesich wrote a column last Wednesday about the freedom a driver's license gives to Mainers (sorry, no free link). Nothing, it appears, sparks letters to the editor from Westbrook readers quite like a relatively ho-hum column about the role cars play in our society.

Carson Wood, a frequent pedestrian who was featured in a September 2008 WMTW news story about Westbrook Police cracking down on vehicles failing to stop in crosswalks, checks in with a description of the terror that can be associated with battling unyielding motor vehicles:
When you find yourself in a crosswalk and you know
an accident is going to happen and is not avoidable, time stops. In that moment,
you realize this may be the very last living moment you spend on this Earth.
Then there's the impact. If you are one of the lucky ones, time resumes and the
uncontrollable anger rushes in, with the question booming out, "Why didn't this
driver see me?"
And Mark Sunderman, general manager of ITN/Portland, takes the opportunity to plug the services his organization provides:
Seniors face the reality of no longer being able to
drive themselves, adult children worry about a parent who is still driving, and
friends and family are concerned that their loved ones are isolated, unable to
go where they want, when they want. ITN/Portland, a nonprofit membership
organization, was founded to help reduce the impact of these realities. Seniors
and adults with visual impairments join ITN/Portland and continue to lead lives
that include going to a medical appointment, the grocery store, the hair salon
or any place else in Greater Portland that they want, on their own
- John C.L. Morgan

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Anonymous said...

Try not to suddenly jump out in the middle of the road. Just cause you are impatient to get across the road, doesn't mean you cross in oncoming traffic. What is with these people.

Anonymous said...

As someone who frequently crosses Wayside Drive I can tell you that pedestrians are not the problem. I cannot tell you how many times I have had cars rip right by me while walking with one or both of my kids. It is really bad.