Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Strange Maine Highlights Unicorn Cove

Besides advertising Unicorn Cove's upcoming, ahem, Seminar on Psychic Self-Defense, Strange Maine has links to some media mentions Unicorn Cove has received over the years.

Alas, the Main Street business has removed its short film PROJECT AYNA-V from its YouTube page since I last scoured the Interwebs for Unicorn-related material, so I am unable to enrich your lives with about ten minutes of unbridled splendor.

- John C.L. Morgan


Anonymous said...

Let me help you in your endeavour to ridicule my school. We are also doing another film. In the interest of mental edification of the masses

Anikruya, that will be released soon.

And might I say that it is indeed a pleasure to know that someone actually thinks that I, and my school are inportant enough to enrich the lives of so many people.

Again Sir. Thank you. Peace. Ahura Z. p.s. Psychic self defense is something that everyone could use, so dont knock it or me. You might need me someday...

Open Minded Local said...

The Unicorn Cove is just one of the MANY reasons I love living in Westbrook. This city gets more interesting every day and we have folks like you to thank for this transformation.

I think John missed badly by not including you in his recent list of why he loves living in Westbrook... maybe offer him a free consultation to show him the errors of his ways here?