Friday, May 15, 2009

Paper City Targeted in Guerrilla Ad Campaign

Westbrook, Portland, and South Portland have each been targeted in the Salvation Army's unique take on advertising. Mainebiz:

Local ad agency The VIA Group began blanketing
Portland, South Portland and Westbrook on Monday with a pro bono grassroots ad
campaign on behalf of The Salvation Army, designed to boost awareness and
donations during a typically slow time of year for the charitable organization.
Roughly 50 area businesses are donating space for the effort, including the
Portland Pie Co., which will have ads stamped on the underside of its pizza
boxes, and Novare Res, where messages will be painted on the bar's
Besides the aforementioned pizza boxes at Portland Pie, I know the Pratt Abbott laundromat on the corners of Main and Seavey streets has a makeshift Salvation Army sign draped on the side of the building. Am I missing any other examples of The VIA Group's noteworthy ad campaign in Westbrook?

h/t: Portland Psst!

- John C.L. Morgan

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