Wednesday, May 20, 2009

White Bros. Hopes to Build Its Own Asphalt Plant

White Brothers Inc.'s proposal comes as another
company in town, Pike Industries, is locked in a dispute with its neighbors over
its plan for a $5 million asphalt plant off Spring Street. City officials said
they do not expect such a fuss over White Brothers' imminent proposal. "I don't
think there's anything to run from with this particular application," said
Economic Development Director Keith Luke. White Brothers, which runs rock
quarries elsewhere but does not operate an asphalt plant, wants to break into
the paving business.
- John C.L. Morgan

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BlueCollar04092 said...

This proposal by White Bros. should reveal that the City is not in opposition to asphalt plants or heavy industry in general. The City is only in opposition to the inappropriate location of such activities.

Warren Ave. (adjacent to Sappi) is an appropriate location for such development and I hope that City will approve this proposal.