Sunday, May 3, 2009

Westbrook Politics: May 4- May 8, 2009

Monday, May 4
Finance Committe meeting
Westbrook High School, Room 114

City Council meeting
Westbrook High School, Room 114

Wednesday, May 6
Zoning Board of Appeals
Westbrook High School, Room 114

- John C.L. Morgan


james t said...

Best of Luck to the Skybox.

skybox212 said...

Thanks James,

I do not know what to expect tommoro night but as our attorney and members of the public have commented. Our rights have been violated. Complete strangers / Professionals of the city have commented on the way the city of Westbrook has treated the Moores. They are wrong and we are right! The time for negotiation was $6,000in attorney fees ago or perhaps when we invited the council into our home to explain our intentions. Our lawsuit against the city is still pending. Our interest is in recouping all of our attourneys fees. The city owes us money! I will not be attending tommoro nights meeting due to I will be practicing capitalism out of town with my other business. If Westbrook can remember, Capitalism is where Americans start small business and work hard to build the American Dream. I hope members of the public come out to support us. We have been open a month with no problems but for one biased call. I personally believe it is going to court. THE CITY OF LAWSUITS.

Allen Moore

Liz said...

Good luck this evening, Allen!