Friday, May 29, 2009

More on Westbrook Police's Mental Health PSAs

Chief Baker teamed up with members of the Maine
Association of Psychiatric Physicians and the Maine Council of Churches to
produce a public service announcement that tells people there is help, they are
not alone and provides a helpline for people to call if they or someone they
care about needs help. "we hope that by delivering this direct message and
making this crisis line available to people, that people will use it and
tragedies can be averted," said Baker.
There is also video associated with this story.

- John C.L. Morgan

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Anonymous said...

Commenting on the new Westbrook Police Chief:
Police Chief Bill Baker is a rough and tough, law and order type of guy who uses Nazi-like tactics to obtain info on the unsuspecting citizenry. All in the name of good policing and public safety.
Even YOU Mr and Mrs. John Q. Public are under suspicion.
Everybody is are under the microscope so you better act right or else.....
His "Knock and Talk" program of going door to door gathering info on people is short of the same tactics the Nazi's used to gather intell on ordinary people. I call this program "Rap and Rat" where fueding neighbors get to act out petty grievences and retalliation is conviently served via the police depatment.
This behaviour doesn't serve anybody's interest but his own departments. It does nothing but create more problems.
Actions such as this only build up tensions in neighborhoods where there is already a fragile climate. Imagine trying to live your life knowing the guy next door is keeping records on your every movement regardless of how innocent it may be and then reporting your every movement to the cops for scrutiny?
You see him peeking out his window and scribbling down facts to turn over to the cops.
How is this building anything but fear and suspicion?
It breaks down trust and increases paranoia. And it can be easily used to exact revenge for minor sqwables. Simple normal actions can be miscrewed to be illegal with a little imagination and a lot of sick revenge.
And now he uses coded frequencies to mask his department's transmissions and plain unmarked cars to further cloak his people and their actions. What is he trying to do? Create a secret police force? What is he trying to hide? How safe can the people be when the police act without public oversight?
If all their actions are secretive, then what chance does a citizen have when he has a grievance against the police?
What about a "open" society?
Shouldn't the actions of the police be scrutinized as well?
What's to keep them honest?
And let's talk about what his own people do.
His officers write tickets for minor traffic infractions like not useing turn signals or having lights on when it's rainy out, but yet his own officers repeatedly fail themselves by not following the same laws they are writing tickets for. Follow any cop on any day in Westbrook and you will see how many traffic laws they break.
Try to serve a complaint about that and you'll get nowhere.
There can not be any double standard under the law, yet Baker's officers act with impunity and arrogantly ignore these same laws they took a oath to uphold.
Can he explain the actions of his own officers? They know there is no outlet for complaints against questionable police actions. The sheer arrogance of these people is what makes me so mad. Any complaint will get "mysteriously" buried. And IF it should somehow be made public, it's explained with a lot of double talk and offically sounding babble. Nothing happens.
None of the previous chiefs ever used these tactics. Baker is using big city police tactics in a small town setting and all it's doing is destroying what peace there is in our community.
What's next? Cameras on every street corner or even in your own home? How many rights are we going to watch be taken away all in the name of keeping the populace "safe"? Who's to keep us safe from police abuse. They shouldn't be able to hide behind the badge. That tin star shouldn't shield them from prosecution when they break the laws themselves.
I understand the need to police when it's neccesary but these actions reek of Nazism.
And one last thing: he complains about a lousy 10 calls last year to the Millside Tavern but doesn't say anything about the same number of calls to the other drinking parlors. Why? Because he knows off-duty cops frequent these other bars and that's why he say nothing about them. This guy has got to go.

Anonymous said...

How does everyone think the Westbrook police are doing? I have heard comments about their budgets being larger than that of big big city's? Personally I have been told one thing by police only to have it turn into a direct lie! Can the Westbrook police department be trusted? I have witnessed those illegal turns the previous poster mentioned. Another thing I don't believe the department should discuss property values to anyone. They are here to serve and protect all of the citizens here in Westbrook. The special club needs to go away. Hopefully the next election will take this town in better direction! So many times does the term NAZI comes to mind watching their shenanigans!

Anonymous said...

To aswer poster #1, Can he explain the actions of his own officers? I think it may be steroids. It's pretty bad when the last person I would ever trust in the town wears a badge or has anything what so ever to do with WPD, I bet 90-99% of them are crooked!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the whole municipality is on ROIDS? That explains all the uncalled for aggressive behavior from all of them. It is some town that will tell it's citizens your a POS, You don't belong, You can't have part of the American dream in this town. We will lie, cheat, steal and do what ever it takes to push the agenda forward.