Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Food for Thought

Jessica Tomlinson doesn't just daydream about an ice cream truck selling Maple's Gelato or Beal's Ice Cream:
Portland needs an entire Buy Local truck of items
such as ice cream, bread, dairy, produce and beer. Imagine a truck painted by a
local artist with a jingle produced by local musicians. Did I mention it would
run on biodiesel? You could get an almond croissant from Standard Baking while
still in your jammies. In the midst of making dinner and notice you need a
tomato? Have no fear, here comes the Buy Local truck doing its dusk run, selling
vegetables from neighboring farms. Out of coffee? No problem, flag down the
truck and buy a bag of beans when you hear that ram-a-lama-ding-dong. While
you’re at it, throw in some half-and-half cream from Smiling Hill Farm. It would
be like a mini-Rosemont Market on wheels.
Personally, I'd be content with just a mobile Smiling Hill.

h/t: Portland Psst!

- John C.L. Morgan


Lynn M said...

Seems like a waste of fuel that said, local markets are the way to go. That is why I'm so confused why Westbrook doesn't want ANY businesses in the Frenchtown community. I personally would love to see a Rosemont Market where Olivia’s (is/was). I know a few people who want to do go that route but don’t want to fight with City (how’s that for business friendly, investors are scared to open a business in Westbrook). If anyone gets up to the East End in Portland where they have put a Rosemont Market it’s a great mixed use area and the neighborhood has improved immensely. When I started in the Property Management business 13 years ago you were hard pressed to rent to people even if your address was Eastern Prom, but now with the mixed use spaces, attentive landlords and investments by home owners the area is well sought out. Urban living is here to stay and should be encouraged not discouraged. If the City of Westbrook REALLY wanted to clean up Brown St, their focus would not be to but more HUD housing in that area it would be to make it a more mixed use area (it’s greener and wiser). An area that includes home owners, market rate & subsidized apartments and businesses would greatly improve the area, the East End in Portland is a prime example. Putting all subsidized renters in one area is a recipe for more trouble. I know this from personal experience, I grew up in a subsidized housing project and I have managed property where a majority of the tenants were subsidized and it always spells trouble. Subsidized housing is a necessity but I think it should be spread out in the community too many people with too much time on their hands or no money to do anything but stay home causes problems. I myself would love to have a market close by, this City really needs to reevaluate their plan and think long term, there plan is not green and it is not forward thinking.

James T said...

Well said. You should Dotty Aube seat this November. She has failed Frenchtown repeatedly.

Lynn M said...

Not what she thinks - she thinks she is doing the best for her district! Hey I may be interested I'll have to look into it.

james t said...

The city's website's home page has this:

Ever thought of running for local office? Click here for more information on the upcoming municipal election.

But when you click it it goes no wheres. Not surprising. I thought of running but time is keeping me. I rather be and outside voice for change and development now.

Lynn M said...

That's my problem as well, but I think there is a whole bunch of Westbrook and/or Frenchtown residents who are not being represented. I'd love to have someone who really knew what it takes to turn that area around get on the council. I do think I have many great ideas on how to turn a neighborhood around I've done it and/or seen it done many times in Portland and South Portland. The route this city is going that area will NEVER improve. They are well meaning but just don't understand the real issues going on down there.

Lynda Adams, Westbrook City Clerk said...

Hey guys! Just happened to see your blogs regarding running for office. Sorry the link didn't work for you on the city website. I was actually just updating the election sections and hadn't updated the link yet. So Lynn if you are interested the link is now working. Also feel free to give me a call if you have further questions about it! I think you would bring a good energy and perspective to the Council!

Lynn M said...

I just read in the PPH a man is building a 3 unit building on Munjoy Hill - Moving his family (along with 2 other families) from a single family home on 12 acres in Gorham. 7 years ago he would have laughed at the thought. But this is the trend moving to urban areas close to work, restaurant and shops. Had Portland put in a bunch of subsided HUD housing on Munjoy Hill this would have never happened. Westbrook and the city council need to re-think their plan for Frenchtown we are living in a whole new environment now and we want to attract these new urban dwellers with mixed use neighborhoods. This trend of “smart growth” is going to continue and Westbrook has the perfect opportunity to capitalize on this and the Frenchtown area is one of the most convenient areas in Westbrook. With smart growth we can invest in restoring that community. That is how we are going to increase property values in that area not by closing businesses and erecting HUD housing (what are they thinking?). In lieu of running for City Council (with 2 businesses, a full time job & a teenage it’s not an option for me) how can we get this city forward thinking and really clean up that area once and for all?