Monday, June 22, 2009

With Sadness and Gratitude

Since I started this project in January 2008, I've thought about shutting it down exactly three times. Alas, the fourth time is the curse, as professional and personal responsibilities are just too great--and will become even greater in the fall--to allow me to devote the time I need to maintain this Web site like I would want to.

Overcoming the feeling of relief for finally untethering myself from my computer, though, is a sense of sadness for giving up what has become an enjoyable hobby and a feeling of gratitude toward you, dear reader, for making this endeavor last as long as it did.

Your visits convinced me this blog was worthwhile, your comments generally enriched my thinking on numerous subjects, and the flesh-and-bone friendships I've developed as a result of this virtual portal ensure this site will have served a purpose long after it's gone black.

So with this post, I say goodbye to the blogosphere and thank you for your readership over the last 18 months.

Stay in touch,


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Liz said...

Oh, John. :( Pardon my emoticon; yours is the first site I check, every morning, after email. While I am glad for you and your family that this will free you up some (and I absolutely understand), you must know: Westbrook desperately (and I mean that in the truest sense of the word) needs intelligent, forward-thinking young people such as yourself, and your blog too. So anytime you want to come back, or run for city council or mayor any such thing like that, don't hesitate.

In the meantime - enjoy your day, and we'll see you at the movies.

C Neal said...

Your blogging will be missed, but I'm holding out hope that you'll take a break and come back on a more relaxed blogging schedule.

Good work, this past year-and-a-half, and good luck.


Bryan said...


...and just as soon as I became fully hooked on your blog. I, and I'm sure countless others, do appreciate the effort that you put into this work.

Being a young resident of this city, proud of its accomplishments, and looking forward to its bright and developing future I think it fair to say you will be missed.

Good luck in the future and I hope there are others who can continue this, even together, in the future.

All the best!

Hurdy Chadwick said...

A dark day on the banks of the mighty Presumpscot.

Maine Ale said...


You will be missed.

Thank you for the memories an all the hard word!


skybox212 said...


Take a break, delegate and get some assistance. You work very hard on this blog! You and your work are greatly appreciated. You have fifty articles for June, WOW! That's a little too much! The blog is a full time job in itself. You have readers and are doing the city of Westbrook a great service! Perhaps it is time to expand and not contract. "Growing pains" Should you ever consider advertising the Moore's would be willing to contribute. I am sure you would find numerous businesses to pitch in to keep Westbrook's Original blog going. I have thought about the long term endeavor you are taking on. Thirty years from now when the newspapers are gone you could be the Westbrook daily.

Allen Moore

" If one quits too early they will never get the prize "

james t said...


It is sad news. Perhaps fine tuning what you started a little. This site serves a huge purpose to this city. Great debates take place here. Even with your first poll on here I think you are really on to something. One has to go where the road leads them, so I understand if you have to walk away. I have always felt you are on the edge of something really big for Westbrook. Trail blazing is way harder the walking the road. Thanks for all the info, new and old, you have found and put together. A fine example of what a blog is about.

Best Wishes and hope to see you at the Skybox or come on down to the F&T for a drink on me.



Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your blog since the first day you began. I am very sad that it will not continue, and hope the best for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Last month I found both your blog and 91.5 (cumberland mills free radio), being a fan of indie media, I see this as a sign that westbrook is on an upswing. Please don't give up the site! maybe reconsider a small break....?

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Lynn M said...


Is there any way to change the format so you didn't have to do the majority of the work (the readers could help post articles and/or their thoughts for us to comment on)? I'm with Liz checking your site is a daily ritual for me and will be missed. Al was the blogger in the family until I started reading this site :)

Either way I wish good luck and I hope to continue to see you around!


Anonymous said...

bummer dude

Warren Knight said...

The Diarist will be missed. I enjoyed the blogs, and the various perspectives that the comments coaxed from contributors. You provided a welcome and open forum. Thank you for all your past hard work and efforts.

This blog is an interesting (and necessary) read for those of us concerned about Westbrook and its environs. I fully understand the time constraints that this endeavor must have required. Time is a precious resource, continue to spend yours wisely. Good luck.

suzan norton said...

John, You will be missed. Maybe you will have more free time to continue your passion of blogging in some time. Never say forever...My best to your family. You will do well at whatever it is you are searching for because you are no fence sitter, one who stands his ground. I will also miss checking your website each day... but I will go on checking it from month to month in hopes you may pick it up in a few years. Yake good care-

Debbie Morgan said...

John (J.C) I understand your decision but I did enjoy going in and seeing what my son had to say. I felt like I got to know you in a different way. I know you put a lot of time and effort into it. I will miss connecting with you in this way. I know I will see you as you are my son, but I also got to know you a bit better. Love, Mom (Debbie Morgan)

Christina said...

Best of luck to you, and thanks for all the info and food for thought, it will be missed!