Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer To-Do List

A few of the things I'd like to accomplish this summer:

Attend a screening of The Way We Get By at SPACE Gallery (June 19-21).

Attend Cool Water concert at Riverbank, one of eight shows in the Summer Concerts in Riverbank Park series. (July 15)

Attend a Sanford Mainers game.

Attend the Maine Lobster Festival. (July 29-August 2)

Attend Movies at Riverbank. (June 26, July 24, and August 28)

Attend the Old Port Festival. (June 7)

Attend Reggae Sunday on Peaks Island.

Attend Westbrook Together Days. (June 5-6)

Bring Eleanor to Open Farm Day. (July 26)

Drive golf balls and (attempt) to play a round of golf at Sunset Ridge.

Have a brew at Gritty's, a cocktail at Grace, and a nightcap at the Top of the East.

Paddle from Saccarappa Falls to Mallison Falls to go fly fishing.

Participate in a full moon canoe tour at Scarborough Marsh.

Participate in a morning birdwalk at the Gilsland Farm Audubon Center.

Participate in shape note singing at Sabbath Day Lake Shaker Village. (June 6)

Picnic at Fort Williams.

Take Eleanor to the Maine Wildlife Park.

Take in a movie at the Prides Corner Drive-In.

Tour Cold River Vodka.

Visit the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

Visit the Farnsworth Art Museum.

Visit Northeast Historic Film.

Visit the Penobscot Narrows Observatory.

- John C.L. Morgan


Anonymous said...

Great List! Inspired to make one of my own now!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to take a drive up 302 to Casco- Take a right onto Quaker Ridge Road. [Cry of the Loon will be on your left as you head north on 302 and Blacksmiths winery is on the right] Blacksmith's is on the corner of Quaker Ridge and 302. Follow the road maybe 5 or 6 miles until you see a big open area where you view the mountains on your left. Right near there on the right is the road to go up a small mount named Hackett's Hill. It is the most beautiful spot overlooking Sebago lake and a 360 degree spectacular view. It is a 5 min drive to the top. If there is a gate, you will have to walk up, but I think it is usually open.People have their weddings here and memorial services are held there sometimes.I think your family would enjoy it.

Keith P. Luke said...

I had nothing to do with the selection of the August 28th Movie at Riverbank selection. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Who said Keith had anything to do with it, he's getting a little defensive for nothing don't you think!!