Thursday, June 4, 2009

Paper Moon Proprietors' Q & A

Almost every day is terrifying when you work for
yourself. I disagree that it’s a bad time to start a business. We had an
existing business that was sustaining itself and people always needs cards,
birthday cards, sympathy cards. It’s ingrained in us to celebrate occasions with
a card. The card industry, I don’t want to say is immune, but it hasn’t taken
the hit that so many businesses have. We also feel that if we can start a
business in a down economy and have it grow, then our growth will just be that
much stronger when the economy rebounds.
- John C.L. Morgan

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Lynn M said...

Al and I agree, we've always seemed to have started our businesses at the wrong time, but I always if we can make it through these trying times it will be that much better when things start to turn around. Time will tell.