Monday, June 8, 2009

Don't Forget to Vote

The school budget is up for a citizen yea or nay vote tomorrow. Check out Mayor Chuluda's June 4 edition of "Call-In Westbrook" featuring School Superintendent Stan Sawyer and City Clerk Lynda Adams for more information about the budget and the voting process.

(Update: Polls are open from 7a to 8p, and the voting locations are as follows: Ward 1 at Wescott Junior High, Wards 2-4 at the National Guard armory on Stroudwater Street, and Ward 5 at the Four Seasons Bingo Hall on Elmwood Avenue.)

- John C.L. Morgan


james t said...

Vote No on the Budget! So they know they need to cut not raise taxes. Your money is better with you. Send it back and tell them to cut property tax by 3% not raise it by 3%.

SymPrint said...

Hey James...the School Budget came in at a ZERO percetn increase! The .47 per one thousand increase is a City issue not a School issue. Make sure you aim your fire at the right people....

james t said...


Do you really think they,ll hit that? Why are they raising property taxes then? They should be at a 2% decrease.

I'm not firing guns at anyone. You never take a first offer, and their projection was off last year. I like the Mayor but I think he needs to be more conservative on this budget.

It is good he went zero growth but that not realistic because their will always be over runs. So you budget at a decrease and when overruns happen you are prepare and if they don't you have surplus.

Regardless what you think it all is tied together.

SymPrint said...

I think we may be confusing the City Budget with the School Budget (although when I make my payments the two are combined and frankly citizens don't care why the taxes are going up, only that they are going up).

The School budget came in under last years budget which includes $700,000 for the New Middle School.

I would be interested in knowing exatly what services people would be willing to give up for lower taxes... Police? Fire? Teachers? Public Works? Any ideas?? Just the mention of cuts sends people into a craze.

I have been through 10 budgets, both City & School, and there is not as much "fat" as you might think.

Anonymous said...

Its the new debt service for the school. The bonds to pay for that thing is kicking in. Next will be when they want bonds for the old junior high, to renovate it.