Monday, June 1, 2009

Westbrook's Most Influential People

From February to now, I've been collecting results of a survey* for the most influential people in Westbrook. Delayed by a heavy spring workload and a hope to collect more responses, I figure four months is long enough. So below is a list of the ten most influential people in Westbrook, followed by also-rans, a list of the respondents, and a small note on methodology:

Most Influential:
1. Bill Baker, Chief, Westbrook Police Department
1. Jerre Bryant, City Administrator, City of Westbrook
3. Bruce Chuluda, Mayor, City of Westbrook
4. Colleen Hilton, Vice Chair, Westbrook School Committee
5. Brendan Rielly, President, Westbrook City Council
6. Jonathan Ayers, CEO, IDEXX Laboratories
7. Jason Snyder, developer, Stroudwater Place
8. Stan Sawyer, Superintendent, Westbrook School Department
9. Tim Flannery, developer, Dana Warp Mill
10. John O'Hara, City Councilor, Westbrook City Council

Also receiving votes:
Phil Bartlett, State Senator, Maine State Senate; John Bernier, President, Cornelia Warren Community Association; Ann Bittner, Director, Good Samaritan Fund; Evelyn Blanchard, Executive Director, Mission Possible; Joe Brannigan, State Senator, Maine State Senate; Daniel Brock, Chief, Westbrook Fire Department; Phil Brown, Chair, Zoning Board of Appeals; Donna Cassese, Mill Manager, Sappi; Bob Collins, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Cinemagic; Rene Daniel, Member, Westbrook Zoning Board; Maria Dorn, Member, Westbrook School Committee; Tim Driscoll, State Representative, Maine House of Representatives; Bruce Dyer, Substance Abuse Counselor, Westbrook High School; Susan Eldridge, Deputy Director, Westbrook Housing Authority; Don Esty, former mayor, City of Westbrook; Michael Foley, City Councilor, Westbrook City Council; John G. Gallagher, Executive Director, Westbrook Housing Authority; Drew Gattine, City Councilor, Westbrook City Council; Rick Goss, Westbrook Democratic Party; Marc Gousse, Principal, Westbrook High School; Mary Haggerty, Westbrook Arts and Culture Committee; Sandra Hale, School Health Coordinator, Westbrook School Department; Wendy Hysko, former director, Warren Memorial Library; Ellen Joyce, Chair, Westbrook Arts and Culture Committee; Suzanne Joyce, City Councilor, Westbrook City Council; Al Juniewicz, Co-Chair, Wescott Junior High Re-Use Committee; Roger Knight, Smiling Hill Farm; Warren Knight, Smiling Hill Farm; Ken Lefebvre, former mayor, City of Westbrook; Kristen Lemay, teacher, Congin Elementary School; Caren-Marie Michel, Treasurer, Warren Memorial Foundation; Al and Lynn Moore, Owners, Skybox Bar & Grill; Brendan Moran, Editor, American Journal; John C.L. Morgan, Editor, Westbrook Diarist; Jonathan Olson, Regional Manager, Pike Industries; Arthur and Llewellen Randall, farmers and landowners; Ed Reidman, Chair, Westbrook Zoning Board; Ray Richardson, radio talk show host, WLOB; Jeanne Rielly, Director, Westbrook Food Pantry; John Roberts, Disability RMS; Eileen Shutts, Member, Westbrook Development Collaborative; Ed Symbol, Member, Westbrook School Committee; James Tranchemontagne, Owner, The Frog and Turtle; Karen Valley, Director, Walker Memorial Library; and Anna Wrobel, Member, Westbrook Zoning Board.

Bill Baker, Leslie Bridgers, Anne Bureau, Lyle Cramer, Rene Daniel, Rev. Ed DeLong, Phil Gagnon, Marc Gousse, Wendy Hysko, Caren-Marie Michel, Brendan Moran, John C.L. Morgan, John O'Hara, Stan Sawyer, Eileen Shutts, Ed Symbol, and James Tranchemontagne.

- John C.L. Morgan

* Respondents were asked to rank the most influential people 1-10, with No. 1 receiving 10 points, No. 2 receiving 9 points, No. 3 receiving 8 points, and so on. Respondents were not allowed to vote for themselves.


Anonymous said...

That sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

This list -- with seven of the ten being municipal positions -- reveals why Westbrook is such a political and parochial community. Where is the private sector leadership (aside from Mr. Ayers)? One developer and one wanna-be? Where are the social or artistic voices in the community? With the welcome exception of Chief Baker, I see same-old, same-old.

Anonymous said...

I concur