Thursday, April 3, 2008

Questionnaire Results, Part Two

A couple days ago, I posted the results from the first section of the city's Recreation, Parks, and Open Spaces Questionnaire. So, tonight I'm posting the results of the second section of the questionnaire, which deals with Westbrook residents' attitudes about open space.

In what activities do you currently engage?
15% Walking
11% Bicycling for recreation
9% Nature appreciation
9% Swimming
8% Canoeing/kayaking
8% Picnicking
7% Playing sports and games
6% Jogging
5% Bird watching
5% Photography
4% Fishing
4% Other
4% X-country skiing
2% Horseback riding
2% Snowmobiling
1% Biking for commuting

What are the types and locations for future open space that you believe are the most important for the City to consider?
31% Linked open spaces with trails or sidewalks
23% A mix of open spaces (small to large)
16% Small areas throughout the City
10% Known locations the City should consider
10% Large-sized areas in a few locations
10% Medium-sized areas in a few locations

In order to preserve open space, what do you think the City should do?
24% Acquire land and easements through donations
19% Partner with the State/land trusts to purchase land/easements
17% Encourage landowners to preserve their land using tax incentives, voluntary conservation
easements, etc.
13% Establish a program to purchase development rights
13% Increase the use of planning and land use regulations
8% Establish taxes to purchase land and easements
6% Other

John C.L. Morgan

P.S. Hat tip: Deborah Rumery of Stroudwater Street

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