Monday, April 7, 2008

Snyder's Campaign Contributions

According to the 2007 campaign finance reports housed within the friendly confines of 2 York Street, Jason Snyder contributed to the campaigns of City Councilor Michael Foley, Mayor Bruce Chuluda, and mayoral also-ran Jim Violette.

Snyder, the developer of the proposed Stroudwater Place, contributed $250 to Michael Foley's re-election bid for an at-large seat on the City Council, $100 to Mayor Chuluda's bid for re-election to the Mayor's Office, and $250 toward Violette's unsuccessful bid for Mayor.

The maximum contribution allowed per individual is $250.

- John C.L. Morgan


Anonymous said...

That explains Foley's "enthusiastic" support of the Snyder project at last week's meeting with the planning board. I knew something was fishy.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Snyder's contribution towards their campaigns is making them side with him. Snyder has been talking to many city officials for quite some time now and has many supporters. My experience with Mike Foley is that he supports what he believes in and nothing more. So I wouldn't read too much into this if I were you.

Anonymous said...

I think if Foley recieved campaign funds from Synder as a way for him to support his project, I bet there would have been $250 donations from all of Jason's family. Therefore I agree with what an earlier poster said, "He supports what he believes in and nothing more."

Anonymous said...

I think he should abstain from any voting, as he received an "abnormal" amount of money for his campaign from Snyder. He is a good kid, but with that kind of donation, he needs to stay out of any input for this deal.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the previous poster who indicated that Snyder's family would have donated more money if they were trying to win Foley's vote. That would be way to obvious. Foley is a good kid, but he needs to grow up in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I think this is really inappropriate to insinuate that Mr. Snyder is buying a vote from Councilor Foley. Mr. Foley has always been vocal in supporting economic development for the city, and he would never use a campaign donation as a motive to support a project if he did not fully believe in it.

I don't understand the point of creating a controversy out of thin air without solid facts to prove these allegations, and Mr. Morgan, it makes no sense to create negativity around city officials and the city itself - I thought the purpose of this blog was to showcase positive aspects of the city and discuss relevant issues.

Westbrook Diarist said...

The only allegation--if you even want to call it that--in my post is that Mr. Snyder contributed to the campaigns of three aspiring public officials. Nothing more, nothing less. And that fact is solidly supported by the campaign records housed within the City Clerk's office.

Now, I believe in transparency and open government, so the relevancy of the post lies in the fact that a citizen who'll probably have a project before the City Council contributed to the re-election campaign of a Councilor who'll be voting yea or nea on said project.

Does that necessarily suggest quid quo pro? No. But does the public deserve to know? I would argue yes.

Hence the post.

Anonymous said...

The Westbrook Diarist is right on. Transparency of all government matters is relevant, which includes how candidates received funds for their campaigns. The anonymous posters who go out of their way to defend Mr Foley clearly fail to grasp the relevance of him receiving the maximum contribution amount allowed by an individual.

Now if he received several contributions from different builders in Westbrook of equal amount, then I would question why they would be so willing to donate to him. Apparently, this is not the case from what I have read though, and no one has really insinuated that a vote was trying to be bought.

But again, he should abstain from voting on any issue surrounding this project, due to the conflict of him receiving money. No matter how "Noble" anyone says Mr. Foley is, he is still young, inexperienced, and has a lot to learn.

Anonymous said...

What I meant to say was implied allegations; I realize it is fact that Mr. Foley received the $250 donation. If the public wanted to know, they could go to city hall and find out for themselves.

The reason citizens give to his campaign is because they like him as an official, his work ethic and dedication to the city. If they did donate to him to sway him to vote for their project or cause, I know for a fact Mr. Foley wouldn't stoop to that level.

I stated that throughout his political career he has always been a strong supporter of economic development, so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for him to be in favor of Mr. Snyder's project.

Mainly I didn't think it was necessary to create a negative issue and imply a deal between Mr. Foley and Mr. Snyder - it is not fair to either of them or the city of Westbrook.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Foley's political career? Isn't he just starting year three for the City Council? I don't think he has enough under his belt to give him credit for much.

I agree that people can give to whomever they want, but he needs to abstain from his voting on that issue. More than anything, it would be to protect his own interests, so people don't come to their own conclusions. If you were not aware, there are people against the Snyder project (I am not one of them), and they will use anything to stop the project (just like Wal-Mart).

I don't think anyone is picking on Mr. Foley, but your idol worshiping of him is a little much in these posts (so you must be a friend of his if I had to guess).

Anonymous said...

I think "idol worshiping" is quite an exaggeration, I don't know where you come up with these things. Yes I am a friend, and it really bothers me when people don't know the realy Michael Foley, make assumptions and judge him unfairly. He has worked very hard for the city, and he's one of the most motivated, dedicated people I know in all areas of his life, so your insults are off base and your ignorance is quite rude.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance would be a lack of knowledge on a particular subject, so your use of the word is incorrect. And I would dare say that I have yet to insult you, other than that you disagree with straight forward facts about Mr. Foley. No one on this board insulted either of you, and the first post was someone making an off hand joke (or it seemed that way to me).

My only point in any of my posts is that he took money from a developer, which is now asking for approval of a project, and he has not made any concessions about abstaining from his vote. If you do not see the issue with that, then you are the one who is Ignorant about politics. And I used the word correctly.

Anonymous said...

I found Idol Worshiper to be the rude one in these posts.

Idol Worshipper said...

Thanks for your opinions and input! I guess I am not an informed politician; all I tried to say is that it was unfair to assume things about people, and I was under the impression the blog was here to positively portray Westbrook. I may have been rude unintentionally, but Mr. Ignorant was deliberately, especially basically saying that I am stupid; the adjectives he used to describe councilor Foley were not nice. I didn't mean to start a big argument! I just wanted to defend my friend Michael, I've known him for more years than any of you... & let it be known I didn't think it was right to infer what was said about him and Mr. Snyder.


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