Friday, April 11, 2008

Questionnaire Results, Part Three

Over the last couple weeks, I've posted the survey results of the City of Westbrook's Recreation, Parks, and Open Space Questionnaire (see part one and part two). Tonight will be the third and final batch of survey results, and the questions focus on trails, connections, and access.

To what degree do you value parks, recreations spaces, schools, and neighborhoods (residential and commercial) being connected by trails (sidewalks, bike lanes, off street trails)?
63% Value greatly
20% Value somewhat greatly
13% Neither value greatly or not at all
3% Value somewhat not at all
1% Value not at all

If so, what type of trail do you prefer?
34% Nature walking connections
26% Sidewalks
16% Off-road cycling trails
15% On-road cycling trails
9% Other

In order to increase connectivity among parks and recreation areas and/or neighborhoods (residential and commercial), do you think the City should:
41% Partner with Portland Trails, the Mountain Division Trail and/or other groups to continue their efforts within the City for trails
29% Partner with utility companies to acquire easements or right-of-ways
25% Develop tax or zoning incentives for landowners that allow easements across private land
5% Other

- John C.L. Morgan

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