Sunday, April 6, 2008

Westbrook as a Beach Resort

A little more than a week ago, I published a post listing both the merits and demerits of the City of Westbrook's website. Since then, the City has revamped the site for the better--and worse.

Now, I was going to bite my tongue (or is it suppress my fingers?) and ignore the, um, unfortunate changes. But I've been to the site a couple times today and just cannot resist plucking the low-hanging fruit.

The good thing is they've scrubbed away the stagnant photo of a pontoon boat cloaked by autumn leaves. The bad news is they've replaced said photo with a collection of three generic photos that seem to have nothing to do with Westbrook. Well, I suppose the first and third photos could be a depiction of the Paper City, though I doubt it. The sandwiched photo of the young girl on the beach, on the other hand, is definitely not Westbrook.

You'd think we'd try to sell ourselves as we are, not how we might like to be.

- John C.L. Morgan

P.S. I did note they've made improvements to the site, so it is only fair that I point out those improvements: The status of Ward Three's City Council seat has been properly updated to 'vacant.'

P.P.S. I've been generous to you, dear reader, by opening that last line about portraying Westbrook as is to a line of possible ridicule. Please don't be too harsh.

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