Friday, January 11, 2008

BruChu's Pie Preference and Other Deep Thoughts

The American Journal's Leslie Bridgers has a must-read profile of BruChu in this week's edition.

Bridgers covers a lot of territory in her piece, including the Mayor's recent loss of his wife, Vickie; a brief synopsis of the kerfuffles (I'm sorry I've probably sent you scrambling to the dictionary for that one; the word is just too fun for me to write, and for you to say) between his administration and the City Council; his plans for Westbrook; and his favorite pizza pie in Westbrook.

Personally, I concur with most of this article. The BruChu has always been pleasant the few times I've talked with him and he has proven to be an earnest democrat (gasp! before the Westbrook Republicans lose their lunch all over their keyboards, I mean that with the small-d connotation). His open office hours on the first Saturday each month, his televised call-in show, and his plans for regular ward meetings are all signs of his willingness to give Westbrook residents access to their government.

I do have one criticism, though: Onion and pepper, extra crispy, and easy cheese at Profenno's? Say it ain't so, BruChu. It just shows that my thoughts and opinions should be taken with a heavy dose of sea salt, because I would've pegged The BruChu as a sausage/pepperoni from Angelone's kind of guy.

Besides, everyone (and by everyone, I mean me) knows the 10" mushroom with a Stella at Casa Novello is the way to go if you want the true pizza experience in Westbrook. Oh, and Bridgers's piece can be read here in its entirety.

- John C.L. Morgan

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