Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Subcommitee Approves Bookmobile for Walker Library

(Update: The City Council rejected the funding of a bookmobile in a 5-0 vote at their June 28 meeting.)

A City Council subcommittee approved a request Monday night for the Walker
Memorial Library to buy a bookmobile. The Facilities and Streets Committee voted
2-1 to send the item to the council for approval. Councilor John O'Hara Cast the
dissenting vote. Councilor Brendan Rielly left the meeting before the vote.
Karen Valley, the library director, asked the committee for approval to spend
$5,000 to buy a bookmobile. She said the bookmobile could be used by residents
who live in remote areas of the city and used at the community center, the
senior center or special community events.
Councilors Paul Emery and Victor Chau are also on the Facilities and Streets Committee.

- John C.L. Morgan

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