Friday, June 25, 2010

Cops and Robbers--And Pharmacists, Too

Portland Daily Sun:

Hoodies, hats and sunglasses are considered common garb for robbers and
shoplifters, so Westbrook police are partnering with businesses, agreeing to
respond to calls from these businesses when a customer refuses to remove
targeted items that might conceal a person's identity. The new initiative,
unveiled Thursday, was deemed a "proactive stance," "empowering the business
community to call the police when customers come in with their identity
obscured." Police said customers would not be arrested for wearing the
identified items, but would have to leave the premises.

A public relations campaign is anticipated to promote the initiative. "Police in
Westbrook are actively looking for the manufacturer of life-size cardboard photo
cut outs and are hoping to have a picture of a Westbrook officer with his or her
arm around a customer wearing what has been referred to on the street as a
'Westbrook Tuxedo' in many of the business lobbies around the city," the press
release stated. "The message is, if you come in looking like this we are going
to get to know you."
Any casual viewer of The Wire knows nothing good ever comes of the hoodie, a garment whose rank on the list of the anti-social attire is just above that of the "Whale Tail."

- John C.L. Morgan

(Update: More on the city's war on the Westbrook Tuxedo can be seen here.)

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