Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dept. of Unfortunate Sloganeering

As seen on the scattered signs of Westbrook-based roofing company The Roofa: "If you gotta leak, I'll take a peak."

- John C.L. Morgan

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James T said...

How about the truth; take "Westbrook it start's here" and change it to "Westbrook we break the promises we make to our businesses"
How many companies are they going to turn their backs on? Hell they make Baldacci look good.
Frog and Turtle, Idexx, all of Westbrook Works, Skybox, Millside, French Press Eatery, T&T Development, Wal-Mart and many others.
There is no doubt the City is bias and doesn't enforce their codes and laws fairly. What is worst is these government employees have taken oath and they don't even honor it. How many more stories of corruption by city workers or elected officials do we need? How many more jobs are they willing to destroy. It is easy for people who live off taxes and the hard work of others. People who don't know what it is like to make payroll every two week.
I brought a mix of 25 full and part time jobs to this downtown with a payroll of 1/2 million a year. The city wants to deny me a $2500 building permit to take a garage door out and put nice double doors in, to add outside seating to the river walk, to make another business face the river and to keep creating a vibrant downtown. We are doing this with other businesses faster then they can. They can’t even get a farmers market in one of the nicest parks in Maine.
It is time to change the way this city operates. More citizens should be outrage but sit quietly. I hope people start electing business owners to the council. People who truly understand development, innovation and the value of money and jobs.