Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Owner of Skybox Threatens to Sue City

[Allen] Moore said he plans to file a lawsuit asking that the vote be
overturned. "We're not going to give in. I want a bar in this neighborhood," he
said. A group of city councilors, however, does not. They said history shows a
bar cannot work in the neighborhood. "Why try to open a business up when you
know it is, has been, and always will be detrimental to the property values and
the peace and quiet of a neighborhood that has suffered for a long time?" asked
Councilor John O'Hara, a longtime opponent of Skybox and its predecessor, Andy's
For those keeping score at home, Moore's lawsuit would up the number of pending lawsuits against the City of Westbrook to at least three.

- John C.L. Morgan

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james t said...

Remember when westbrook was pro-business?

Lynn M said...

It's but a faint memory at this point!

james t said...

Shouldn't the city shut down our fire station because it has been a place of sex harassment, discrimination, abuse of power and unbecoming conduct for the last 15 years? Might that be true for the city offices itself and maybe it needs to be shut down as well? Or was it just a few bad apples that had ruin the reputation of the fire dept and city. Having met many people from both organizations I think it has been just a few bad apples. So why then are the Moore's not giving a chance to succeed. Personally, there are two other buildings down there that I looked at but don't want to touch because who wants to deal with this?