Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On Twitter

A month or so after creating a Twitter account, I'm finally tweeting--or is it twatting?

Now, I've been reluctant to tweet for a couple reasons: First, I have become a pro at cluttering my leisure time with largely selfish (and admittedly self-promoting) hobbies, thank you very much. And second, I've had enough difficulty combating my greatest fear using the Bob Graham method, so why would I try to fight against memory holes in public for all (three) people to see? Actually, come to think of it, perhaps the latter reason is exactly why it's time for me to tweet.

So, while most will see this as just the latest expression of egotism writ large, I prefer to think of it as an exercise in "extreme self-discipline."

Or something like that.

- John C.L. Morgan


Anonymous said...

So what is your twitter account? Do you intend to add a twitter feed to your site? Inquiring minds want to know.

Westbrook Diarist said...

I've provided a link to my Twitter page. It's WSBKDiarist.