Thursday, April 9, 2009

Al-Hamdany Claims Entrapment, Accuses Westbrook Police of Racism

[Abbas] Al-Hamdany said he often did drugs with the
informant who turned him in, but didn't sell drugs, except for the one time he
was caught. He said the informant called him more than a dozen times the night
he was caught, begging him to come over and provide coke. Al-Hamdany said of the
informant, "He introduced me to drug dealers. We do drugs at his house. And he
makes me into the bad guy. I do coke. He makes me out to be the biggest drug
dealer. It's 2 grams of coke. They make me out to be the largest drug dealer."
Al-Hamdany accuses the police of coming after him because some officers are
friends with other white business owners that were jealous of his successful
business. He said other drug addicts have not gotten as much attention.
- John C.L. Morgan

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