Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bar Talk

The buzz at Skybox during Happy Hour this afternoon was about the news crews hounding Mill Side all afternoon with their coverage of the hit-and-run incident outside that tavern Friday night.

And when Mill Siders weren't philosophizing about smoking's relationship to the incident (besides grousing about how the state law prohibiting smoking in bars contributed to Kevin Peterson's close call, patrons were complaining about how they had to abandon their favorite puff spot on Cumberland Street for fears of wayward vehicles and prying camera angles), they were trading scuttlebutt about the two Paper City Sherlocks reportedly prowling Skybox for leads on the two women whom police think may have instigated the vehicular attack.

The funniest stretch of thirty seconds, though, occurred when WGME's Doug Ray was doing a live promo for the story at 5p. While most savored the meta experience of watching a flesh-and-blood Ray appear on the bar's television screen, a couple troublemakers were rehearsing the fake drunken stagger they'd use to lend the spot a little comedic relief.

Alas, it was apparently too early in the evening for the liquid courage to kick in, so all were resigned to wondering what could've been.

- John C.L. Morgan

P.S. All this was just a really long-winded way of telling you to watch WCSH's story on the incident.

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