Monday, March 16, 2009

Westbrook Artist, Business Victims of Theft

The Artful Blogger:
Maine painter Mary Brooking brings this sad news:
On March 8 in the late afternoon, someone stole one of her paintings from the
Frog & Turtle restaurant in Westbrook. The title of the painting is "Startle
Blue." It is a soft landscape, in blue and earth tones, showing a marsh, water
and mountains. Its title is written on the back, along with Brooking's full
signature and the year, 2008. Brooking's small signature ("m-a-r-y" in a square)
is in the lower right corner of the painting.
The painting is 20"x 20" and can be seen here. If you any info about the theft, contact Mary Brooking or Westbrook Police's Detective Steve Crocker (

- John C.L. Morgan

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Anonymous said...

Here's what it looks like. Perhaps it would help to post an image.